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Why Partner with Silver Software Distribution?

As a reseller, you’ll get access to cutting-edge technology, training, certification programs, and dedicated support -
all aimed at enabling you to profitably sell our security portfolio, which includes easy-to-manage solutions
that will allow you to stay competitive, expand your offerings, and grow your business.

Stand out from the competition

With Avast and subsidiary AVG, you’re not just another face in the crowd. Our cloud-based solutions are industry-recognized for providing security that SMBs can count on, and will add value to your cybersecurity portfolio. With continuous innovation and industry leadership, we are determined to be your #1 partner.

Generate recurring revenue streams

Our cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive, yet simple to manage and install. They are designed for today’s modern workplace, providing total peace of mind. As a partner, you will build your business, generate strong, recurring revenue streams, and produce continuous protection for your SMB clients.

Team up with a reliable vendor

Our partner community is an extension of our team. Together, we reach new customers, deliver more effective outcomes, and accomplish collective goals. We strive to help you serve customers better and deliver the best solutions, helping you drive client acquisition and satisfaction, and grow your sales.

Complete security for your home and business customers

Whether you are a value-add Reseller, MSP, ISP, OEM manufacturer or Retailer,
Our partner program is tailored to support your needs and help you grow your business.
Today and always, channel loyalty and the commitment to our partners
remains strong and unwavering.

Key advantages of our program


Drive predictable, recurring revenue

Accelerate your growth

Increase your productivity & profitability

Financial benefits

Strong margins and profitability are key to the success of your business, and are a cornerstone of our partner program.


Tier discounts

Our tiered discounts are structured to maximize your profitability as you further your investment in Avast Business products and services. As you increase your revenue with Avast Business and you complete training requirements, your tier discount increases and you’ll be eligible for more program benefits.

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Quarterly promotions & rebates

Our quarterly incentive programs help you expand your business, deliver premium services to your customers, and maintain profitability. These incentive programs cover many business objectives. Whether you’re driving consumption or bringing in new customers, we’re here to support your efforts and reward your success.

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Lead referral

We see your growth as a key to our success. Our lead referral program allows us to pass qualified leads on to our loyal partners.The goal of the lead referral program is to help us fuel new business for our channel partners, enable you to expand your customer base, and take your business to the next level.


Deal registration

The Deal Registration Program is designed to reward our partners who have generated new opportunities for Avast Business. When you submit a new deal for registration, you are immediately rewarded with an additional discount that can significantly increase your profits and chances to win the business.

Our core values and commitments to the Channel


Being your #1 partner of choice for cybersecurity

Putting our partners first. Channel partners are the key to our overall success in delivering best-in-class security solutions. We simplify our go-to-market to remove channel conflicts and prioritize our partners.


Key advantages of our program

We provide sales coaching, support, and regular engagements with Avast Business’ core sales team to help you shape your growth and business plans.


Providing industry leading sales support and training

Our trainings are aimed at improving your sales skills and enabling you to uncover new revenue streams, all while delivering premium services to your customers.


Dedicated innovation and cutting edge security products

We continuously invest in our products, with 50% of our employees being dedicated to R&D, to help you stay competitive and solve customers’ problems of today, and tomorrow.

Cybersecurity tailored to today’s modern workplace

With Avast, you will boost your business, portfolio, and margins.
Keep your SMB clients protected with our next-generation layered endpoint protection,
so they can stay focused on growing their business, not the latest online threats.


Our acclaimed cybersecurity solutions allow you to expand your current portfolio and offer new products to your clients, helping drive new revenue. We put our partners first, and strive to foster stronger partnerships. As part of our partner program, we offer:


Avast is a vendor that partners can rely on to help deliver the latest, best-in-class security products to their clients. Leverage our offerings and bolster your cybersecurity packages, and always stay ahead of the competition.
We take pride in:


We provide comprehensive product and sales trainings that improve your sales skills, and enable you to deliver better services to your clients. You’ll also receive individualized support from Account Managers and Sales Engineers.

Together, we will accelerate your business to all new heights.

Industry-acclaimed, award-winning solutions that deliver
All-in-One cybersecurity for your customers

Rated #1 best SMB cybersecurity software of 2019.

Winner of awards for lowest impact on PC performance.

100% certified protection against 0‑day threats.

Gartner Digital Markets reviews. Consistently ranking upper 10th percentile.

Avast Business Partner Certification Program

Each tier of the Avast Business Partner Program has its own revenue and training requirements, enabling you to progress beyond the entry-level Registered status. It is designed to provide you with essential skills and knowledge to accelerate your business by fully leveraging our business portfolio, promotions, and resources.

Benefits increase with greater commitment to the program.

Partner with Silver Software Distribution

Avast Business and subsidiary AVG Business, is one of the world’s largest cybersecurity
companies. Avast and AVG have been saving the world from cyberattacks since 1988 with innovative
solutions, deep expertise, and the world’s most advanced threat detection network. To learn
more about Silver Software Distribution, visit www.silversd.com/about-us/