AVG Business Remote Admin Cloud Upgrade

Superior cloud-based endpoint security solution

New AVG Business Cloud Management Console Features

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Why use the Cloud Management Console?

Monitor Device Security

Use the console to oversee the health of all devices from one place, review the number of blocked threats, schedule regular scans, and more.

Quick and easy setup

Organize your devices into groups, create setting templates, schedule tasks, and remotely deploy antivirus – all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Save bandwidth

Maximize efficiency by downloading and distributing virus updates and program updates to all devices, via a single interface.

The AVG Business Cloud Management Console is free to use with any AVG Business product, and there are no maintenance costs.

    • View reports on threats, policies, or devices, monitor license statuses, and more.
    • Simple-to-install protection that is easy to manage and deploy, and can also remove conflicting security software.
    • Save your bandwidth data. A single device of your choice (mirror) will download updates only once and then distribute them to your other devices.
    • Ability to set various admin roles with permissions for different Console users. (coming soon)
    • Receive updates about critical security events, system information, billing cycles, and more.
    • Easily customize how, when, and where you receive notifications.
    • Manual deployment (download of EXE, DMG, MSI files).
    • Installer sent via email.
    • You can opt to automatically uninstall any competing antivirus software.
    • Additional security feature: activate your newly installed devices manually or automatically.
    • Organize your devices into logical groups and subgroups.
    • No installation or maintenance costs, updated automatically.
    • Accessible from everywhere and on any device.
      Technical brochure in PDF.
    • The Console is able to deploy and synchronize with these operating systems:
      –  Windows workstations
      –  Windows servers
      –  Mac workstations
    • Scans (quick, full-system, boot-time, custom)
    • Software updates
    • Virus definition updates
    • Device Shutdown
    • Device Restart
    • Message sending to device
    • Scheduling of tasks
    • Run your tasks immediately or schedule them for a specific time(s)
    • Create and apply specific settings to a selection of devices or groups.
    • The Console is localized into 8 languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Pусский, and Norsk.

How To Upgrade

Follow these simple steps to upgrade from AVG Remote Administration to AVG Cloud Management Console

Step 1: Open AVG Remote Administration

Step 2: The Upgrade Wizard will appear, follow the on-screen instructions

Step 3: Export xml file from RA and import xml file into Cloud Console

Step 4: Select All Stations on RA > right click > select ‘Move to AVG Business’

*Please note that leading up to December, 2020, only critical technical support issues will be resolved for legacy AVG products. Product upgrade support will continue to be provided.

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Note: If your devices are not connected to the Internet or if you require an on-premise solution, you will need to follow the upgrade steps for offline networks here.

Note: If you have Windows XP/Vista devices standalone or connected to AVG Remote Administration, please contact Silver Software Distribution Business Support as a separate upgrade process will be required.